Lovely Good Night Wishes Quotes For Love

Hello, friends! Today I will share a collection of good night wishes quotes for love. I hope you like it and share with your love and your best friends.

This is the latest collection of good night wishes for love (July 2019 update) and I will update this list from time to time as I did before. Enjoy!

Good Night Wishes Quotes for Love

Lovely Good Night Wishes For Love


  • The Night May Be Dark, The Moon May Not Rise And The Stars May Hide.
  • But Don’t Worry, I’ Am Here To Hold You Tight. Sweet Dreams And Good Night.
    Technically I Am Asleep But In Reality, All I Am Doing Is Thinking About You. Sweet Dreams Love.
  • I Live For The Day That My Dream Will Come True And Wake Up Next To You. Sweet Dreams Until Then!
  • I Wish I Was The Sheet On Your Bed – That Way I Could Feel You On Me. Missing You So Much This Night.
  • Like The Stars Which Twinkle In The Sky, May Your Dreams Be Pleasant And Bright With Beautiful Dreams.
  • Good Night To The Fairy Who Magically Makes All The Troubles Of My Life Disappear With Her Kisses. Muah.
  • Take A Breath And Gaze Up At The Stars. See The Two Brightest Stars? Those Are My Eyes Twinkling Back At You.
  • There Is No Distance That I Might Not Go To Tonight Just To Be With You And To Wish You A Very Warm Good Night.
  • I Want To Tell You With My Last Breath That I Have Always Loved You & I Will Always Love You” Sweet Dreams Sweetie.
  • Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams, Sleep Tight My Love, May Tomorrow Be Sunny And Bright And Bring You Closer To Me.
  • No Matter How Far Away You Are, You Will Always Be In My Thoughts. Each Day That We Are Together Is The Best Day Of My Life.
  • Just Checking In To Say Hi, Hoping That You Had A Fruitful Day And Wishing For A Very Comfortable Night Sleep Ahead, Goodnight.

sweet dreams

Cute Good Night Quotes Share with Love

  • As The Moonlight Dims And The World Goes Quite, Give Yourself Some Rest. Here’s To Hoping That Your Sleep Is As Sweet As You Are.
  • My Dream Is To Create A Paradise On Earth For You And To Fulfill All Your Dreams. I Dedicate My Life To This. Good Night, Sweetie.
  • Do You Know Why The Moon Is Shining So Brightly Tonight? Because It Is Trying To Be As Beautifully Radiant As You Are. Good Night.
  • I Think Of You As Soon As I Wake Up And Then Again Before I Fall Asleep. You See, You’Re Never Out Of My Thoughts. Have A Good Night!
  • Laying In My Bed, I Close My Eyes So That I Don’t Miss A Minute Of Looking At You Even Whilst You’Re Away…I’Ll Be Dreaming About You.
  • Love Sweet As Sugar, Bitter If You Dont Know It Better. Bed The Best Place To Think Of Memories Which Put U To Sleep, Telling U Good Nite.
  • Sun Is Upset And Moon Is Happy, Bcoz Sun Is Missing U, And The Moon Is Gonna Be With U For The Rest Of The Night, Have A Wonderful Night.
  • This Text Is A Drug Which Drives Away Nightmares And Induces Sweet Dreams. Recommended Dosage Is One Message Every Few Hours. Good Night.
  • I Went To Bed Tonight But Felt That Something Was Missing. So I Got Up From My Bed, Grabbed My Cell Phone And Sent You A Greeting. Good Night!
  • You Are Sleeping Now, And I Am Thinking Of You. You Are A Wonderful Person And A Beautiful Girl, I’M Really Happy That I Have Met You! Good Night.
  • I Love All The Stars In The Sky, But They Are Nothing Compared To The Ones In Your Eyes! So I’ll Think About You As I Turn In For The Night. Good Night!
  • A Day Is Going To End Again. It Is Nice To Have Someone Like U Making Everyday Seems So Great. Thank U My Love And May All The Angels Guard You This Night!
  • You Are The First Thing That Comes To My Mind When I Wake Up And You Are The Last Thing On My Head When I Fall Asleep. In Short, I Cannot Stop Thinking About You. Goodnight.
  • I Just Hit The Sack And I Have This Wide Smile On My Face. You Know The Mere Reason Behind That Smile Is The Satisfaction Of Knowing That You Are Mine And I Am Yours. Goodnight!


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