200+ Best Good Night Wishes Quotes for Everyone

Good Night Wishes Quotes : Hello Friends ! Today We are going to Share TOP Collection of Good Night Wishes Quotes with You. Previously We have also Shared a Collection of Good Morning Wishes Quotes. Here We are Sharing a Collection of Best Good Night Wishes Quotes with You.

Best Good Night Wishes

Good Night Wishes Quotes

  • Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light.
  • The Sun Has Sat Down And The Moon Appeared Spreading Its Glittering Dim Light All Over
  • Music Is Love, Love Is Music, Music Is Life, And I Love My Life. Thank You And Good Night.
  • Every Night Is Like A Refresh Button In Our Life. We Sleep In The Night And Refresh Yourself.
  • Good Night” Don’T Lose Hope, You Never Know What Tomorrow Will Bring, Good Night And Sweet Dreams.
  • When I Say Good Night To You, I Feel Hurt And Sore Because It Makes Me Miss You All The More, Good Night.
  • I Promise To Be The Warrior Who Fights All Your Nightmares And The Messenger Who Brings All Your Sweet Dreams.
  • Always End The Day With A Positive Thought. No Matter How Hard Things Were, Tomorrow’S Fresh Opportunity To Make It Better.
  • Keep Your Eyes In The Goal But Mind At Peace, You Surely Will Achieve Any Desired Goal In Life. Good Night And Sweet Dreams.
  • The Brightest Stars In My Life Are Not Planetary Objects; They Are Friends Like You Who Shine Through Night And Day. Good Night.
  • Night Is Longer Than Day For Those Who Dream, And Day Is Longer Than Night For Those Who Make Their Dreams Come True, Good Night.
  • Amidst The Beautiful Night, And The Very Pleasant Sight. I Wish You Were With Me ,I Wish I Could See Your Pretty Face Tonight. Wish You A Lovely Night.
  • Even Though The Whole World Is Sleeping My Thoughts Would Be Around You. Even My Dreams Carry You My Dear. Love You So Much, Good Night And Sweet Dreams.
  • In The Fight With Hunt, All I Can Say Is It Was A Good Night For Me. I’M Happy To Get Out Of There Without Taking Too Much Damage, And I’D Take That Every Time.
Good Night Wishes For Friend 

Good Night Wishes Quotes For Friend 

  • Good Night, My Precious Friend! May You Feel Safe And Loved!
  • Wishing A Friend I Hold Dear A Very, Good Night! You Deserve It!
  • Good Night, My Friend. I Pray That The Good Lord Watches Over You As You Sleep. Sweet Dreams.
  • The Cool Breeze, Shining Stars And The Silent Night Are Wishing You A Sweet Good Night To My All Friends.
  • Throw Your Worries Away And Sleep Peacefully Tonight, Dear Friend, For Tomorrow Will Be Sunny And Brighter.
  • I Wish To End This Day By Letting You Know That You Always Have A True Friend In Me. Good Night And Have Sweet Dreams.
  • As The Day Comes To An End, Throw All Your Worries And Troubles Away. Do Have A Blissful Night Full Of Pleasant Dreams.
  • They Say That Too Much Of Everything Is Bad. However Too Much Of Your Friendship Isn’t. Have A Good Night, My Dear Friend.
  • I Am Sending You A Few Stars To Brighten Your Night And Your Dreams,God Bless You You Will Achieve All Things In Your Life.
  • You Should Know That Regardless Of The Distance Separating Us Right Now, You Are Always In My Heart And Thoughts. Good Night.
  • Wishing You A Calm, Night, Friend! Hoping Everything Winds Down To Your Liking And That The Following Day Meets Your Standards!
  • We Might Be Miles Apart But We Are Always In Each Other’S Minds And Hearts. That’S What Makes Our Friendship So Beautiful. Good Night.
  • Sweet Friend, As You Retire To Bed, Know That I Believe In You. Please Don’T Ever Give Up In Life. Good Night And Have Pleasant Dreams.
  • Every Day, You Encourage Me To Do New Things, Friend! May Tonight’S Rest Bring A New Day That Overflows With Courage And Exciting Events!
  • When The Day Is Done, Friend, May You Know That You Have Done Well! When You Sleep Tonight, Friend, May You View All The You Hope For, Tomorrow!
  • Your True Friendship Just Goes To Proof The Fact That The Best Things In Life Are Free. You Illuminate My Life With Your Friendship And Make Life More Enjoyable. Have A Good Night. Sweet Dreams!
Good Night Wishes For Her

Good Night Wishes Quotes For Her

  • In Addition, To The Message, You Receive From Me A Strong Hug And A Gentle Kiss. Good Night.
  • My Favorite, I Promise That This Teddy Bear Spends With You The Last Night, We’Ll Be Together Tomorrow. Good Night.
  • The Moon Is Angry At Me And Jealous Of You Because I Said That No One Can Light My Nights Up Like My Girlfriend. Good Night.
  • Every Night I Become Super Cute, That Is Why I Am Sending You This Message. I’M Kidding, Darling, You Are Always On My Mind.
  • Sweet Dreams Love!! Even Though Thousands Of Stars Shine Bright In The Sky. But, You’Re The One And Only Shining Star Of My Life.
  • This Message Has The Following Attachments – The Sweetest Kiss And Coziest Hug, The Cutest Cuddle And Warmest Snuggle. Good Night.
  • I Know That It Is Tough For You To Fall Asleep Without Me, Let It Be The Biggest Nuisance In Your Life. Soon We Will Never Be Apart, Sweet Dreams.
  • As The Darkness Of The Night Covers My Mind And Body Like A Blanket, Your Memory Is Like The Moon That Shines Above Me, Keeping Me Company Through The Night.
  • Good Night Love!! I Fall Asleep Every Night With A Big Smile On My Face Because I Am Sure That When I Wake Up I Am Going To Meet The Person Who Puts It There.
  • Assume That I’M Not The Biggest Romantic In The World And I Cannot Write Beautiful Words, But With All My Heart I Wish You Sweet Dreams. I Really Care About You.
  • May This Night Take Away All Your Heavy And Disturbing Thoughts And Show You Many Bright And Wonderful Dreams Where We Are Together. Wish You A Good Night, My Dear.
  • The Most Cherished Dream Of Mine Is To Appear In Your Dreams And Make Them Really Sweet And Pleasant. Sleep Well At Night And Gain Strength, Because An Amazing Day Is Waiting For Us!
Good Night Wishes For Him

Good Night Wishes Quotes For Him

  • While The Moon Is Shining In The Sky, You Are The Brightest Star Of My Night.
  • I Wish You Were Here Next To Me As I Fall Asleep, And When I Wake Up In The Morning…
  • Goodnight My Love, For You May Be Away From Me Now, But You Will Be In My Heart Forever.
  • I Can Feel You Whisper In My Ear As I Drift Off And I Hope You Can Feel My Love As You Sleep Tonight.
  • I Tried Counting The Reasons I Love You – But There Were Too Many And Now I’M Falling Asleep Thinking Of You.
  • A Perfect World Is One Where You Are The Last Thing I See Each Night And The First Thing I Notice Each Morning.
  • Sleep Well, Sleep Tight, As I Wish You A Good Night Filled With Love And Anticipation To Seeing You Again Tomorrow.
  • Wishing You A Good Night Filled With Dreams Of Me And Then Awaken With The Excitement That I Will Be Seeing You Soon.
  • You Are The Reason I Fall Asleep With A Smile On My Face. As You Drift Off Tonight, May You Smile Thinking Of Me Too.
  • As I Wish You Good Night, I Want You To Know That You Are The Last Thing On My Mind Before I Drift Off To My Wonderland.
  • I Miss My Honey When I Go To Sleep But I Bid You Good Night And Let You Know That I Wouldn’t Trade Anything In The World.
  • Tonight’S Warm Feelings Won’T Be Because You Snuggled Up But Rather From The Hugs Enclosed With This Text…And Maybe Some Latent Radiation In Our Phones.
  • Today Has Been A Non-Stop, Hectic, Crazy Day, And I Wish I Had Gotten Time To See You… So I’M Thinking About You Before I Fall Asleep. Goodnight, Sleep Tight!
  • May The Breeze Knock Away Your Anxieties. May The Darkness Envelop Your Weaknesses And May The Stars Illuminate The Best Things Coming Your Way. Love You Sweetie.
  • Every Day You Give Me More Reasons To Fall In Love With You – I’M Thinking Of Ways To Make You Fall More And More In Love With Me As I Fall Asleep, Dreaming Of You…
  • I Am Lying Here Thinking Of You As I Am About To Drift Off And I Am So Thankful To Have You In My Life As My Sweetheart And My Love And I Wish You The Sweetest Of Dreams.

Good Night Wishes For Love

Good Night Wishes Quotes For Love

  • Even In The Dark Of The Night, Your Radiance Outshines The Stars.
  • You Are The Queen Of My Heart,And Every Pulse That Beats Within Me Beats Only For You.
  • Looking At The Moon Always Make Me Smile Because Seeing The Moon, I Think Of You.Good Night Baby!
  • I Wish I Was The Sheet On Your Bed – That Way I Could Feel You On Me. Missing You So Much This Night.
  • Love Is The Simpler Feelings, I Dream Every Night Abut You I Want To Capture Your Heart… I Love You.
  • Stars Light Stars Bright, U R The Only Star I See 2Nite, I Wish I Might Be There Guarding Ur Dreams Tonight.
  • Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams, Sleep Tight My Love, May Tomorrow Be Sunny And Bright And Bring You Closer To Me.
  • Touch Your Heart, Close Ur Eyes. Make A Wish, Say Goodnight. Sky So Wide, Stars So Bright, Off The Lights, Sleep So Tight.
  • Finally The Night Has Come And It Is The Time When I’M Lying On The Bed And Missing U And Just Praying For Your Sweet Dreams.Good Night.
  • Sun Is Upset And Moon Is Happy, Because Sun Is Missing U, And The Moon Is Gonna Be With U For The Rest Of The Night, Have A Wonderful Night.
  • I Long For You Each Night If I Give U My Heart Will U Promise Not 2 Break It I Want U To Want Me I Need U To Love Me I Dream So I Can See U
  • I Went To Bed Tonight But Felt That Something Was Missing. So I Got Up From My Bed, Grabbed My Cell Phone And Sent You A Greeting. Good Night!
  • A Day Is Going To End Again. It Is Nice To Have Someone Like U Making Everyday Seems So Great. Thank U My Love And May All The Angels Guard You This Night!
  • Sending A Pillow Of Happy Thoughts To Create Wonderful Dreams, A Blanket Of Care To Keep You Blessed In Life And A Prayer To Protect You Always. Good Night!

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