Your eyes are my alarm clock | Good morning, beautiful!

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Some people are so beautiful that just seeing them in the morning makes a better day.

Here are some sweet morning greetings that you can give this beautiful woman or handsome man that you know to wish them good morning, and also remind them that they have a real fan in you!

Good morning message for a beautiful woman

I stopped all night, just waiting for this beautiful morning, when I get the opportunity to greet your beautiful face.I wish I watched you on your trips to make sure that the guys didn’t stare at you, but that probably will stop you well spend the morning This is more important than my jealousy When I wake up, the first thing I see is your morning face, always yes it takes a few seconds to understand that I really am not sleeping and not stuck in a sweet dream!

You give my morning all the aesthetics that he needs to encourage me to go out and have a nice day! It’s strange that in the morning I want to see your face more, than even the dawn sun? Nothing makes me feel happier in the morning than to greet a face like yours, completely untainted by the evil that hides at night! You are like a morning star that glitters majestically even in the sun. Any morning spent on you is good! I love you darling. Watching you sleep early in the morning is like watching a sleeping beauty in her dream.


Good morning, beautiful!Your beauty is softer in your eyes than even the clouds at dawn. Good morning, beautiful! I wish I could be like that with a bath towel that will receive an invaluable privilege of wrapping your rim every morning! Your morning beauty is endowed with all the qualities that make me thankful that I am alive! Awakening in the morning is as magnificent as the blossoming of the most beautiful flower in response to the dawn sun. I I can wake up from a hurricane raging outside, but as soon as I look at you, it seems that there is not a single cloud in the beautiful morning sky.

You are the woman who can bring world peace if every man could wake up and witness such a charm as yours! Ooty has my full, undivided attention! Look at your beauty in the morning is an inspiring experience! I had to make my first priority the next day to see you, just so that I could benefit from your beautiful morning aura. You are slimmer than the horizon of the mountain, underlined by the dawn sun!


I know that today will be a beautiful day!Your morning light shines as if you were sleeping on the shore of a spring of youth. You already was blessed with beauty, and now I hope that this morning you will be blessed with many other gifts! I would really like to just dip you in a cup of coffee and bite you off for breakfast. That’s how sweet you are to me. In the morning you are beautifully decorated, like a donut covered with the most delicious fillings on earth!

I will never be able to report this to the office with you in my mind, because my thoughts about you are NSFW. Just like birds cannot wait for dawn to recognize the sun, my morning is emphasized by recognition of the beauty that You have it! Piracy for the fact that I came to work this morning knows that I can use the fruits of my work to advance my business to please you.

Good morning for a handsome man

I do not know what is more surprising in the first light – dawn or your beautiful morning face! Your beautiful morning face is like the eighth wonder of the world. Seeing your beautiful face in the morning, I kneel down and praise God for His creations of incomparable beauty. Sometimes I wonder what a great feat I accomplished in my life to earn the opportunity to wake up in the morning next to such a wonderful person like you. Your handiwork is more beautiful than the morning sunrise. Good morning, my dear. The favor of the universe is up to you, and this becomes apparent every time I testify of your morning glory!

Having such a beautiful man like you to decorate the morning is a luxury that many women do not possess. Morning has blessed you with the beauty that few have, and I hope you will appreciate this privilege! Be still my love – I just want to bless my morning, leaning back and looking good at my beautiful figure! Your divine appearance makes me believe that the angel himself came to visit me on this beautiful morning! The hardness of your body fluctuates throughout my morning as the dawn sun glides along the ocean waves.


Morning, handsome!Watching how you dress in the morning is a spectacle worth applause! Your masculinity turns wow factor on an ordinary morning. Waking up with you is like enjoying breakfast with a big slice of love on the side. I need a beautiful morning! Good morning, looking good. I hope and pray that you have a wonderful day!

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to spend a new day with such a wonderful person like you. I would like to apply for a job u as your morning maid! Good morning to the one I love and thank you for giving me something beautiful again to look forward to! Your morning light dazzles my eyes even more than the dawn sun. You really wonderful, and I thank God for your life, so worthily, as if the angels spent the night polishing your body while you were sleeping! Good morning. You are a terrific example of a person in whom I cannot miss the opportunity to convey my warmest congratulations that you have a beautiful morning. Your body is perfectly and satisfyingly divided into parts, like a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast!

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